Friday, 28 March 2008

Progress Report

The hexodont has now learned to clap hands, and to heave himself into a standing position while clutching someone's leg or the bars of his den. He has not yet learned that it would be nicer/wiser to eat everything that is presented to him, rather than distractedly catapulting it on to the kitchen floor, but we persevere.

I have now finished reading Diane Duane's Wizardry trilogy [*see comments], and thought it rather good. In fact, it was so enjoyable and thought-provoking that it made some of the Diana Wynne Jones I have also read recently seem a bit trivial. I'm not sure I shall seek to acquire any more of Duane's books, as reading some more Madeleine L'Engle and Russell Hoban is a higher priority (so many authors, so little time...), but I'm very glad to have tried these.

But as next week's family gathering is in Exmoor, I feel I ought to take Lorna Doone as my holiday reading.


Diane said...


Last I looked, the YW series was eight books. Going on nine. :)

Myopic Bookworm said...

Oops. OK, when I said "trilogy", I meant "the series of three connected books which we happen to have, which are in fact the first three in an indefinitely long series".

And anyway, as far as I remember there are five books in the Earthsea trilogy, and at least that number in the Hitchhiker's who says a trilogy can't have eight or nine books in it?