Monday, 21 January 2008

Restless nights

Teething and a cold are being blamed for the Squirmle's restlessness, which got me out of bed at least four times last night. Also, he is developing the habit of rocking on hands and knees in the cot, which I did a lot as a child. Tomorrow we see the doctor about eczema ointment, so maybe she can help with the snufflebug as well.

The LibraryThing catalogue has now hit the children's books. No hiding place. Must read some of them!

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Sorry to see that a Wikipedia editor with whom I have had fleeting contact (Sdedeo) is quitting because of proposed changes which would restrict the ability of casual editors to edit Wikipedia without some form of moderation.

I do not have the time to read up on the dispute. There are several "moderated" Wikipedia clones already. I see no reason to compromise the complete freedom of access which has characterized the original.

Link to original rhubarb is susan post.